Syd Found $0.75 Won’t He Do It!

Syd had a community outing on Thursday. Since I wasn’t feeling the best, my mommy game wasn’t as strong as normal. I didn’t prep Syd the night before by going over the menu prices for the movie. I knew she stashed a few Airheads in her pocket, so I knew she wouldn’t starve.

When I picked Syd up after work she was excited to tell me that she saw Malificient 2. Immediately, we checked her folder to review her day. Next, she showed me her purse with her receipts from her purchases.

She read off what she bought and told me she spent $20.75. I remember giving Syd $20.00 but she didn’t take her change purse with her to school. Immediately, I start thinking the worse. Did she cause a scene to get more than what she could afford? Did she have extra money in her pocket? She is good about picking up coins in the car and from the laundry room.

I tried to get Syd to tell me as much detail as she could remember. When I asked her where she got the extra $0.75 from her reply was something that she has heard me say when we needed a miracle, a breakthrough, a blessing or a working iPad. She replied, “Won’t He Do it!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I still didn’t know how she got the money. I told Syd we would have to find $0.75 to send in to the school to repay them. Syd got her coin purse and counted out $0.75. It took some time and she used the calculator to make sure she was on the right track. She even drew base ten blocks to help her count.

Sydney took the money to school and her para emailed me later that day. She had given Syd the money she needed and said that Syd was fine. There was a mix up with the prices and that’s why she went over.

Teaching Syd independent living skills is something that is becoming easier for her. She’s navigating her community and transportation systems. I need to continue to model everything for Sydney because she’s watching and listening to everything.



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