Empty Womb

I have always loved children. I know I am not the only one that made “the list”. Sissy and I made the list of who we would marry, how old we would be, where we would live and how many children we would each have. Of course things didn’t go as I had planned on … More Empty Womb

Love is …..

How would you complete that sentence starter? Would you finish it with a scripture reference on love? Or would you speak from your heart. I’ve been thinking about the definition of love lately. There are so many definitions of love that come to my mind. First, I think about the love that God has for … More Love is …..

Is Texting Cheating?

Texting ruined my marriage.  Did texting play a role? Possibly, it did have an impact.   Last week I was asked by someone my opinion about texting. Is texting  a form of cheating?  My answer is yes. Blogging allows me to share my perspective. It also allows me the chance to respect other’s opinions if … More Is Texting Cheating?