Is Texting Cheating?

Thanks Anita for sharing this quote with me. It was perfect timing.

Texting ruined my marriage.  Did texting play a role? Possibly, it did have an impact.   Last week I was asked by someone my opinion about texting. Is texting  a form of cheating?  My answer is yes.

Blogging allows me to share my perspective. It also allows me the chance to respect other’s opinions if we disagree on a topic.  As I was having this discussion. I immediately thought of a new blog topic: Sorry, I Can’t Always Tell You What You Want To Hear.

Let’s begin thinking about the convenience of texting.  Your children can text you to let you know they need to picked up from practice. They text when they arrive at a destination safely.  You can text hubby to pick up the toilet paper or pick up a prescription.  The best part of texting might just be the group text.  In my day that was called three-way calling.

In my opinion texting is cheating. Here is my explanation.  First, it is fine to have a passcode on your cell phone.  If you don’t know your spouse’s passcode. That should be your first signal to pray.  In addition if you feel the need to go through your spouses phone in the first place. Then you already have some trust issues that need to be addressed.

Next, if you have to delete a text, then there is a level of guilt that you are feeling.  When I have to text my work brother or my other male team member. I always add my work sis Jamie on the group text.  I just don’t feel comfortable texting someone’s husband.  The text usually is about a spreadsheet or a testing schedule.  Again, it just makes me uncomfortable.

Texting starts out as a simple conversation. Over time that simple text  is now a ritual and an emotional connection.  The rest is history.  Why put yourself in that situation?  Ladies don’t text another woman’s husband.  That is breaking the number one sista rule.  Men don’t start texting “Trixie” either.   I am sure you think I am going to blame it all on the men because of my experience with Robert. No, actually ladies I am coming for you this time!

I think that I am disappointed in the women who think that it is okay to text, and date another woman’s husband.  It may feel great now.  He is probably telling you all of the things that you want to hear.  But if he is doing this to his wife. What makes you think he won’t do the same thing to you?

The convenience of technology is amazing.  But I don’t think it was intended to break up a happy home.  Just some food for thought for those that are basically in a texting relationship with someone’s husband or wife.

Will the person take my advice and stop texting this married individual?  I am not sure. Do you think texting is cheating or just friendly conversation?


7 thoughts on “Is Texting Cheating?

  1. I agree that couples and also as individuals we need to be wise. Always include your spouse on any communication with another person of the opposite gender. My husband and I trust each other completely but we never leave room for any doubts to come in. Having open communication and no secrets play a role in our great relationship.
    I invite you to my blog for couples

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  2. Texting is more like betrayal, especially if it has turned into anything beyond a hi & bye. I agree you can get emotionally invested through texting. People (men and women) should just avoid it at all cost!


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