What Being Barren Really Means



When we think of the word barren, many of us think of a woman that is not able to have children.  There were many women in the bible who were barren.  They went on to have the desires of their hearts met. I was barren for four years and I know the pain and shame that was associated with battling infertility.

Last week I was led to look up the word barren in the dictionary. Which means I googled it. The first definition mentioned women and not being able to have children.  The second line of the definition made me think about how being barren may have nothing to do with just women.  Being barren means being unfruitful and not productive. Are there areas in your life that make you feel barren?

There are many people male and female that are battling being barren in their lives.   Some of us go through each day, but we are not being productive. We are not growing and bearing fruit.   Maybe we are at a standstill, experiencing a major life change or feeling lost.  None of us wants to feel empty.  We should work towards being productive in our daily lives. After my divorce I felt empty and not productive.  It was during that time that I had to discover Brooke again and keep living.

You should make each day mean something to you.  Each day you should want to leave your positive impression on someone.  Each day you want to be a blessing to others.  Your presence on this earth is to be fruitful and productive.  We all have a calling on our life, be sure to answer your calling and follow your dreams.

~The choice is yours and it’s simple.



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