Just Post It!

My current situation for my daily motivation.

Let the record show that I was doing motivational post it notes, long before Gabrielle Union’s character in Being Mary Jane was doing them.  Now that I have that out of the way. Let me explain to you the reason behind all of these post it notes.

Do you use self talk?  I think it is healthy. Whenever you are feeling down or depressed, you are the only person that can pull you out of it.  I know we want to hear others tell us how beautiful, smart, loving and caring we are.  But we have to be able to speak those words about ourselves and believe it.



My work brother Greg will tell you how much I love my post it notes.  They are everywhere.  I use post it notes as my daily reminder when I wake up in the morning.  These are the post it notes that I have up for this month.  This is similar to my vision board but it’s my daily mantra that I recite.

I had to include Jumping Junebugs!

Next month I will take some of the notes down because they no longer pertain to my current situation.  I will replace those with famous quotes and scriptures. There will be some months when I won’t need any post it notes to recite.  When Harrison saw my post it notes for the first time he had a lot of comments.  When I explained to him what I was doing, he understood better.  He did tell me that I looked like Detective Benson from Law and Order analyzing a case.  He knows how much I love Law and Order.

Enter a caption

Some of you may be thinking this is a great idea. But you don’t want to share the areas of your life that you are working on with everyone.  Or the areas that are considered a weakness to you in your eyes.  I understand. So don’t use the mirror. Use a journal, post it  in your car.  For the parents that still put notes in their children’s lunch boxes everyday.  Be sure to take a moment and write yourself a quick note to read before you leave the house.  It is just that simple.


This self talk strategy has helped me.  It is my own pep rally time. Which I usually turn into a dance party. Now you know why I am not at work an hour earlier like I was last year. I need that time to “get my mind right”.  Just remember if you are going to post your wall, for everyone to see. Make sure the words are appropriate.  Sydney likes to read the post it notes in the morning too! A few weren’t actually age appropriate at first. :-))



Your new beginning starts now.



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