What Success Means To Me

The therapist told me not to practice with her own home.  She had her own method of teaching and didn’t want me to confuse Syd. I respected her request.

Working with children has taught me the true meaning of success.  Every child works at their own pace, sets goals and teachers are the guide to help them along the way.  When you are teacher you celebrate every success story in your classroom. There is no such thing as a small success. For example on Friday my student told me that “This is a good math test Ms.Copher.”  He was using his strategies and doing so well, that the smile on his face meant everything to me.

Raising a child with special needs really makes me appreciate things that many parents take for granted.  I want to share one of the goals that Sydney has been working on in occupational therapy.  If you followed my Embracing Autism series on Facebook you may remember the terrible incident we had at The Southfield Library when Syd couldn’t write her name for her library card.


She learned to print her first and last name with a lot of practice and the help from her occupational therapists.  I know that cursive isn’t valued anymore.  But I wanted Sydney to be able to sign her name.  It has been a long struggle, but her occupational therapist shared her progress with me last week.  So this was huge for Sydney.  Now they will work on writing her last name in cursive.  Then to continue working on tying her shoes.:-))


Sometimes it is the little things that mean so much.



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