The Struggle Is Real


Autism parents have a lot to navigate.  The moon phases, transitions,  diet, school, therapy, and even clothes.  I hate when the seasons change.  Sydney loves Spring and Summer. She is definitely a sundress and sandals girl.  Now that Fall has finally hit Delaware, it is hard for her to transition into wearing jackets and regular shoes.

We drew pictures about the different seasons and talked about the proper clothing for each.  She still drew a girl with flip flops on in Winter.  That must have been a picture of me.

This may seem like no big deal to you, but it is for us. First of all she loves her dresses. She doesn’t like the feel of denim or wearing socks.  She will wear leggings under her tunic dresses to school.  As far as shoes goes she loves her sandals,  Keens and her boots. She is still learning to tie her shoes correctly and she hates wearing gym shoes.

Last night we did some online window shopping to see which styles of shoes and clothes that she liked.  Now that I know the styles she likes I will order them online. Depending on how her doctor’s appointment at the hospital goes this afternoon.  We might actually go to the store to shop.

Fall in Delaware isn’t cold to us, remember we are Michiganders. I must admit I’m not giving up my sandals until November 1st. Over the weekend we put away the “summer clothes”. We left a few things out for Disney. In her mind she thinks she’s supposed to go from flip flops to a snowsuit. There isn’t an in between stage for her.

She has her outfit picked out for today. I’m prepared for when we wait outside for the bus. She may ask to change at the last minute. I will have a second outfit ready to go if needed. It’s called survival. If I prepare all of this, she won’t need it.

For all of my autism parents if your child gets out of the house with clothes on and you are wearing matching shoes. Then the battle has been won.

~ I make autism parenting look easy. You don’t know my story.



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