Mom, Just Use The China


Harrison and Sydney teach me so many things each day.  They teach me how to slow down. They keep my laughing and crying.  But most of all they appreciate and remind me of the love that we have as a family. One day I asked  Harrison and Sydney to set the table for dinner.  It was just an average day of the week, nothing special.

It is a struggle sometimes for all of us to eat as family.  Lately, we have a nice routine after school and our dinner time has been special.  When I came downstairs I noticed that they had the China on the table for dinner.  If you are like me I only use my china on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day.  I use it for “our special events”.  Might I add that my china pattern is not all that.  We use paper plates or “the regular plates” but not the china on a weeknight for dinner.

When I asked them why they picked the china.  Harrison told me that Sydney picked the tea cups and they just grabbed the china plates. Sydney said it was a special day.  When I asked Harrison what made the day so special.  I couldn’t wait to hear his answer.  I was thinking he was going to tell me he passed a test, had a chance to talk with friends from Michigan or that Sydney did something new for the first time.

His response was so casual. Harrison shared with me that everyday is a special day.  Especially when we can see our loved ones and help others.  It is a special day when Sydney is happy and seizure free.  As I fight back tears, Sydney said “my family and Poppa(my dad)”.

Their comments made me realize that every day is special.  Every day is a holiday. They taught me to stop saving the china and enjoy each day to the fullest. Why wait? Use the china! Sleep on the good sheets. Open that bottle of wine.  Live in the moment. Live without regrets.




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