It’s Going Down, Disney That Is

Thanks Michele for all of your time and effort.

Disney World countdown is on,  18 days left. My emotions are all over the place.  I was stressing out because I wasn’t getting character dinner reservations.  Then Michele, my Disney guardian angel, took over the planning and I could exhale.  I am at peace with not doing or seeing everything.  We have a master plan and are able to adjust when we need to.

This is a dream come true for our family especially Sydney. When Sydney lost her language,  I thought I had lost her to autism.  But it was her love for Disney and of course the princesses, that allowed her to begin to communicate.  She would love to watch Disney movies and sit still long enough for me to read the stories to her.

That is where Princess Sydney started.  She loved to act out scenes from the movies, set up her dolls and role play.  At first she wouldn’t include anyone.  But I would watch her and slowly “force” her to communicate with me.  Even if I said “Can I see Cinderella?”.  If she gave me the Cinderella doll, I knew that she understood me.  This was progress. When people would ask her what her name was. She would grunt or not give eye contact. Overtime that changed and she said “Hi, I’m Princess Sydney.”  With more practicing she would respond Sydney Gabrielle Copher.


The packing has begun, the social stories are made, the airline knows we are coming. Disney World get ready. Copher’s Community is coming soon.  This trip is all about Harrison and Sydney. It is also about sharing this once in a lifetime experience with two other very special people.  Harrison is 14 and Sydney is 12 and have never been to Disney. Most families visit Disney once a year. I guess you can say we are a little late. But God’s timing is always perfect.  I am glad that they will experience Disney World together.

This vacation will give us time to relax and connect as a family. I can spend some one on one time with Harrison and Sydney can see all of the things she has read and sang about. This time of the year is perfect because everything will be decorated for Christmas.  This will be a great reminder for them to not look under the tree for gifts, because we are celebrating Christmas early!  Just kidding.

This trip would not have been possible without the generosity of The Sunshine Foundation and supporters.  Thank you for giving us a chance to travel like a normal family. I’m sure that I will have many topics to blog about when we return.

When you wish upon a star….





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