Soulful Sunday Week 4


“Perhaps this was the moment that you were created for.”  -Esther4:14

There are some moments in my life that I wish I could push pause and enjoy the moment forever. Then there are some moments that are so painful that I can’t wait for time to pass. What I have learned as I’ve gotten older, is that every moment that we experience. God has already prepared us for.

Growing up I was always shy and quiet.  I would get physically sick if I had to speak in front of a crowd.  Don’t let the teacher call on me if I wasn’t raising my hand, that was torture.  Not because I didn’t know the answer. I just wanted to speak on my terms.

During the past two years, God has shown me that this is the moment that I was created for. But this is only the beginning.  My vision for my life is only in chapter one. I am no longer afraid of speaking in public. Especially when I can speak about things that I am passionate about. If I am able to spread autism awareness, motivate other women that are battling with infertility and pray with women that are struggling in their marriage. That is when I feel I need to lift my voice.


I was created for this moment to share A Woman’s Work Web Blog  with the world.

I was created to be an advocate for children with special needs and help their families navigate through the IEP process.

I was created to share my personal journey and let other women know that they can survive. Let my testimony be your motivation to keep going.

Reflect on your life today. What do you think God’s preparing you for? Each day He is preparing us for our future. The bumps in the road, are only the trials that become our blessings.

This is my moment now.


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