Make Your Garden Grow


Flowers are so beautiful.  My Aunt ReRe would always say ” Don’t bring me flowers when I am gone. Bring them to me while I am alive.”  When I was younger I thought she meant actual flowers. But now I realize a deeper meaning than that. By the way Gerber Daisies are my favorite.

We are human, so we wait for validation from others. We wait for someone to give us praise and tell us what a wonderful job we are doing.  Grant it, it is nice to hear that your work ethic is great and your presence isn’t going unnoticed.

But I also think that we should plant those seeds in our own garden. Plant seeds of love, hope, compassion, empathy and acceptance.  Not only should you plant the seeds, you must remember what you need to do to make the seeds grow.  What do you need to do to keep your soul alive?  Take time for yourself, get a relationship with God, forget the past, set goals for the future or make yourself a priority?

I admit my garden was filled with weeds. I wasn’t doing a great job at taking care of my garden.  My garden was my soul, my appearance, my beauty inside and out.  I allowed the weeds of negativity, depression, fear and the comments of others to destroy the plants in my garden. When I had the courage I began to pull the weeds(people, things) out of my garden that were destroying my soul.

My garden is now in full bloom even in the winter time. I’ve searched my soul over the past weeks and really have a new view of the direction of my life.  Nothing is taken for granted, today is a gift, my happiness is important.  I should never feel guilty about doing what I need to do for myself.

I am enjoying my flowers and my garden.  I’m taking time to stop and smell the roses.

How will you decorate your soul?






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