Brooke Time


You are sleep deprived, you forgot the therapy appointment, you don’t have the desire or the strength to go to the family function.  All is takes is one smell, one question, one sound or one smart ass remark that can change the dynamics of the event.

I know you are tired. You would like to take a shower, enjoy a cup of coffee, walk around Wal-Mart, get a pedicure or just sleep.   Unless you live it you will never understand it. At least that is what I used to think.  I have met some people who might not understand it all. But they offer to help in any way that they can.

A quick phone call, bringing Jimmy Dean Sausage, helping with a maintenance problem, sending a funny text or stopping by to say hi. I never would ask people other than my family for help.  My ex mother in law told me that nobody helped her raising her kids and she didn’t know why I needed help.  Okay, moving right along.

My family helps me constantly but I need to build a circle of people that I can also use.  Sydney loves to meet new people and she does well with others.  She probably does a better job in our house. Unless I take her there the first time to get her familiar with the setting. Then she will do fine.



I was at rock bottom one day and a friend reached out to me.  Instead of my usual answer of no, I am okay.  My friend wouldn’t take no for an answer.  It was that day that I learned that people help without strings attached and I wasn’t used to that.

In 2017 I have decided to get respite care for the kids at least once a month or every other weekend if I get lucky. Now I just need to find a respite worker. lol

To all of the special needs families, single moms and dads you are doing an amazing job. Don’t forget about yourself in the process and keep it real about how you are feeling.  Know that I love you all.


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