I’m Coming Out!


Trying to convince Sydney that Beyoncé doesn’t sing I’m Coming Out has been hilarious.  I showed her Diana Ross and her album.  She still insists put on Beyoncé.

Sydney loves music.  She will search my playlist and find her favorite songs.  Lately her theme song has been I’m Coming Out.  Some of the words she knows and she makes up her own words too.

Yesterday, she told me “Mommy, I’m coming out.”  I thought she wanted to hear the song so I went to play it for her.  But she didn’t want to hear the song.  Next she told me, “Mommy I’m coming out of this”.

This made me stop and reflect.  What is she coming out of?  She is growing up and I can see her being more observant of her surroundings and her peers.  She is trying so hard to communicate and initiate a conversation.  I am not saying she’s coming out of autism.  But she is recognizing how far she has come and how well she can read.

She’s coming out and now has a voice.  She has opinions and feelings.  She wants to be accepted. So she’s coming out and she is letting everyone know it!  Sydney helped me think about the things that I am coming out of.

I’m coming out of listening to negative and toxic people.

I’m coming out of being fearful. I am dreaming big.

I’m coming out and blogging and helping others.

I’m coming out and dating again.(Jesus take the wheel.)

I’m coming out as a stronger advocate for my children.

I’m coming out to enjoy life and share my talents with others.

The time has come for me to break out of my shell. I have to shout, that I am coming out.

~Diana Ross

Whatever it is that you need to come out from.  This is your time to claim it and turn your life around.  I know I am glad that I did.




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