Stress In The Workplace Part 1

I felt it was important to share my work experience, before we tackle stress in the workplace. This picture is hanging in my home.

My first job was at TJ Maxx. I was 15 years old and worked two nights a week and weekends.  I was a cashier, but enjoyed working in the dressing room.  People would ask me how they looked in an outfit and my honesty took over.  I was moved from the dressing room to the shoe department.  My time at TJ Maxx lasted a year.  I knew I was not made for retail.

My next job was a blessing.  My neighbor was leaving for college and she referred me to her employer for an interview.  This job would also be a co-op opportunity for high school credit.  I was a tax clerk at Chrysler Corporation, when the headquarters was in Highland Park.  I had my own cubicle. I taught myself how to type.  My job duties included answering phones, making copies, running errands, filing and making the worst coffee ever.

Working at Chrysler exposed me to many things.  I remember the time I met Lee Iacocca and was asked to use my spanish skills to interpret a call. I went to The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club on several occasions.  I learned valuable lessons during that time.  I even had a chance to work at the new headquarters in Auburn Hills.  I loved the corporate world but my heart was set on being a teacher.

My next jobs allowed me to teach in Detroit Public Schools, Avondale Schools and now in Appoquinimink schools.  I am blessed.

Part 2 of this blog will give you some strategies to use to make your work experience a pleasant one.  It is hard to believe that I have been working for 29 years.

Do you have stress in your job? How to do you manage it?  Please feel free to post in the comment section or message me with  any “stress” you would like me to mention in Part 2 tomorrow.

Work should feel like your safe haven, not prison.



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