Where Are The Black Men Hiding?

I didn’t want to take random pictures of black men in Delaware for the blog. That would have been creepy right? So, thanks Pinterest.


I love my black brothers. You can see I have my eye candy favorites here. But I am very open when it comes to dating men of other races. I love Shemar Moore, Idris Elba, and Morris Chestnut. I am not saying that the man of my dreams has to look like them.  I am just wondering where are all of the black men hiding in Delaware?

I am wondering if it is true what they say. That there is a shortage of black men in 2017. So I had to do my research. The majority of the black men in my age group are married, dead or in jail. Okay this is a little on the depressing side.

Now, I know that the stereotype of the angry black woman hurt women of color in the past. But, I also think black men need to stop and think what made us so angry in the first place. Where are the black men that believe in God and are not afraid to worship and pray for their families? Where are the black men that work and take care of their responsibilities?

I know that there must be single black men that have their guard up just like I do. I have always said what impresses me the most about a man is not what he can buy me but how he treats me.

It is sad that SINGLE black men are hard to find. If you know me, you know my stance on dating married men. That is a violation of the woman/sisterhood code. If that is for you, do you boo. But remember karma is real.

I am raising a young black male. I know that he will be a wonderful husband, father and provider for his family.
As I enter the dating scene the pickings are slim to none when it comes to finding a single black man.  It doesn’t mean it is impossible.  Maybe I have been looking in the wrong places.  Maybe I shouldn’t be looking at all.  He will find me.  The most important thing is that this current trend needs to change.

Young black males need to break the generational curses of dropping out of school, getting involved in crimes and becoming death statistics. 

Where are all of the single black males hiding?  Can you help a sista out?

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