Lola Mae Butler



Lola Mae is my mommy.  She would be mad if she knew I used Lola Mae on my blog. Today is my mommy’s birthday.  Yes, I still call her mommy.  She has taught me many things.  But I learned more by watching her.  Watching her handle situations and circumstances with grace.  I saw her help others, pray with people and go above and beyond to keep her word.

I’m sure that a lot of my family really didn’t know about autism when they heard about Sydney’s diagnosis.  Since we have moved here they had a crash course in autism 101. Mommy recently went to Syd’s last IEP meeting with me.  She walked away having a better understanding of how stressful those meetings can be.



Mommy is a breast cancer survivor.  I watched her when she was battling cancer and going through her treatment. I saw a woman who praised God for her healing daily.  She claimed victory and prepared her testimony that she would one day share with others. It was watching my mommy, that I knew faith could move mountains.

I can never repay her for the love and support she has shown to Harrison and Sydney.   We celebrate her everyday.  I had to blog about my mommy today.  I am still learning from her.  Without my mommy in my life I would not be the mom I am to my children today.


Happy Birthday Mommy!  I am hoping she will go live with me later on FB.  Stay tuned.

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