They Say “Black Doesn’t Crack”


Have you ever heard That Black Doesn’t Crack? I heard this expression many times growing up and I had no idea what it meant. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized what people were referring to.  Darker skin has more melanin than lighter skin.  It is produced by the body to protect it  from the ultraviolet rays.  I’ve mentioned on my blog before the racism within the black race when it comes to dark-skinned and light-skinned women. This makes me sad when little dark skinned girls are made fun of by other black girls. Mean girls!!!!!

Thanks Mother Nature for helping us age gracefully.  Not only does our skin contain enough melanin to fight the rays of the sun. Darker skin is  protected from age and liver spots because our bodies aren’t  forced to over produce melanin.  The end result is that for the most part we age wrinkle free, with refreshed looking skin into our golden years.

Putting on make-up is a craft.  There is a certain technique and precision to applying make-up. Some of us have that skill and some of us don’t. 

I fall in the category of not having make-up  skills.  After my divorce, I went on my shoe shopping binge and Vera Bradley shopping spree.  I almost forgot that I went on a Clinique spree too. Rob had the kids for the day and I went to the mall to walk around.  I was walking around looking like a zombie I am sure.  When a lady asked me if I wanted to see some new products.  I thought sure why not.  Almost an hour later, I looked like I was ready for the red carpet at The Oscars. 

The Clinique worker asked me how old I was. She went on to say,   I guess it is true Black Doesn’t Crack.  I tried not to laugh.  She went on to compliment me on my skin.  She asked what I used on my skin.  I replied soap and water.  I don’t use foundation.  When I use eye liner I look like a raccoon.

I admire women who have the time, and talent to apply makeup every morning.  I am good if I have eye shadow and lip gloss on before leaving the house.  I started looking at the women in my family and many of them don’t wear makeup.  My niece Kayla does a wonderful job with her makeup.  Sydney also does a better job than me. 

I am not trying to find the fountain of youth.  But I want to enjoy my natural skin color and its beauty. I am not ashamed of the skin I am in.

My black is beautiful.


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