Time To Clean House


I had put it off long enough.  It was time to clean house. It wouldn’t be pretty but it had to be done.  What will people say? Am I making the right decisions? I am not talking about cleaning out my basement, the garage or the box still marked Michigan that stares at me everyday. It was time to remove things/people who were preventing me from living the life I knew I deserved.

There is a pile of clutter that moves from one room to the next in my house.  But every time that I move the pile of clutter, I do recycle a few things in the pile.  The pile of clutter isn’t as high as when I started. But I still carry it along with me from room to room.

Now, let’s think about our lives.  How much clutter do you carry with you on a daily basis?  How much of that clutter do you really need to keep?  When will it become too much for you to handle? When will you let it go completely?

Clutter for me consisted of four years of PEOPLE magazines, (Another post divorce binge), papers, clothes, material things that had lost their value to me, and people who loved seeing me miserable, broken and lost.

I was guilty of letting too many people into my inner circle when I was confused and in a fog.  I was at the weakest point in my life.  As I fought back to regain my name, my dignity and confidence, I could see things clearly again.  The clutter that was holding me back were situations and people who I had to break free from.

That was a painful, lonely, but necessary situation that I had to endure.  I didn’t see it at the time.  But my life would be forever changed when I let that clutter from my life go.  People always ask me why I love Michigan so much and why I keep up with the current events in Detroit.  I don’t want my children to think that Michigan was this terrible place that caused us so much pain. Michigan didn’t cause our pain, people did.

I can’t tell you when to get rid of your clutter. You will know when the timing is right.  Trust me when I say that no one or nothing is stopping me from living the life that I deserve.

I am a believer in miracles, I am a game changer, I have a purpose, greatness awaits me.



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