C+ Is Passing

Sydney’s grade in Small Group ELA class.

Do you ever think about the little things that happen to you in your life?  Those little things may actually be huge victories for others.  Just think about our family going to the mall for the first time in four years.  Some families go to the mall weekly. For our family that was a major milestone.


Thank you Alfred G. Water Middle School for recognizing Autism Awareness.


I started thinking about Harrison and Sydney and the things that they have accomplished in their lives.  When I went to pick up Sydney from the middle school for an appointment. I almost cried.  In the office was the article about Harrison and the 50 State Autism Challenge. I thought it was pretty amazing for the school to recognize students locally that are spreading awareness and achieving  greatness. Having the support of so many people for autism may seem like nothing to some, but to us it meant everything.

When we arrived at the hospital for Sydney’s appointment. I immediately realized that something was different.  The car ride was pleasant.  Syd and I talked a little and then she read her book.  After I parked, she made sure to grab her bag pack and didn’t take off running.  She waiting for me and marched into the hospital.  I didn’t prep her for the appointment. So I wasn’t sure how she would react.

We made it to the waiting room in the outpatient therapy department.  It wasn’t crowded and we weren’t the loudest ones there. A little girl walked up to Sydney and said hello and Sydney replied “Hello, how are you?” I held back the tears. It’s the little things.

The staff at A.I. Dupont Hospital and the representatives from Numotion were amazing.  Sydney’s appointment was with the seating clinic for a wheelchair.  I’ll explain in a future blog when I am ready.  These wonderful ladies addressed Sydney directly.  She was having a conversation without my help.  She answered their questions and of course was all smiles. Again it’s the little things.

She picked hot sparkly pink of  course!

I almost forgot about the C+.  I advocated for Sydney to be included in small group ELA and I am glad that I did.  Mr. Kirk, is her para and he is amazing.  Sydney is reading an adaptive version of a 7th grade novel.  He let me know that she did a great job on completing her summary.  She is currently passing with a C+.  That C+ is like an A+ in my book.  She accomplished something that people said she never would. It’s the little things.

Sydney had a break in her schedule due to testing.  But she handled the transition just fine.

The little things that people take for granted I pray for.  Not because I am envious. I just want the best for my family.  Seeing Harrison realize his potential and conduct an intellectually conversation with adults makes me proud.  Take time to notice the little things.  Acknowledge them and embrace them.  It will truly change your perspective on how you live your life.  Copher’s Community celebrates the little things.  Our celebrations have been years in the making.


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