I Overcame My Fear Of……


Do you have a fear of heights?  Do you fear speaking in front of a large crowd?  Or maybe you are claustrophobic.  Some people fear spiders.  Some people even fear being alone and not in a relationship.  Friday, I overcame a fear that I have had since I was a little girl.

I have always been terrified of The Wizard of OZ movie.  Go ahead and take a minute to laugh. I am sure you thought I was going to blog about a “real” fear. For me this was real.  Our school play was  performing The Wizard of Oz Jr.  Our class would have a chance to watch the performance during school.  I didn’t think much of it. I shared my fear with Susan, my teaching partner.  At first she didn’t respond. She was just staring at me, waiting for me to add more to the story.

Before I explain my fear. I have to let you know that all of the directors, cast and crew did an amazing job.  They put their heart and soul into that performance.  I did share with Carrie and Kim, my coworkers that if they see a blog about The Wizard OZ not to be alarmed. We all laughed, but I overcame my fear that day because I didn’t have a choice.

I am not sure what caused the terror for me.  Was it that Dorothy was lost? I always hated storms.  I thought I would end up like Dorothy.  As I watched the play yesterday.   I thought to myself  if the kindergarteners can do this so can I. Susan would lean over and check to see if I was okay. Bless her heart.  My fear was real.

When I reflect on when I was younger. A few reasons come to mind.  I think part of it was the music, the munchkin land and those curled feet under the house.  It was sad, that they crows were eating the scarecrow and that he didn’t have a brain.  The tin man just didn’t look right.  But I did like the lion.

The wicked witch was equivalent to the devil and the good witch to me was an angel.  “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!”.  That’s just mean.  Who says that?  Those terrifying trees, flying monkeys and those people marching to that song.  You know the song I am talking about.  I was terrified.

Friday during the performance I tried to find something that I could take away from the play.  I missed the meaning of the story because  I was focused on all of the bad, scary and negative things.  As adults we often do this in our lives today.

The Wizard of Oz  reminded me of the power that I have already inside of me.  I have the power to conquer my fears. I have the power to do the impossible.  But I have to believe in myself.  Sometimes you need to make sure that you are surrounded by people who believe in you too.

We meet people at different points in our lives.  Sometimes we are meant to support each other and  get through a difficult situation.  I learned that you have to face your fears. You have the power to speak authority over your life.

I made it through the entire play.  I’ll admit there was one moment where I thought about pulling  a Sydney and making a run for it.  But the play taught me several lessons.  Please know that I have nothing against the movie. I even let Syd dress up like Dorothy for Halloween one year.  We had just moved to Delaware so I was in a daze.  She successfully slipped that by me.

Will I watch The Wizard of Oz on TNT when they run the marathon special?  Maybe,  but it is a fear that I conquered.  What fears are you dealing with in life? Never let anyone make you feel less because of a fear you are battling.

Just remember you are brave enough to get over your fear, one terrifying moment at a time.

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