What About Your Friends…


I try my best to be a good friend to others.  There will be times when friends don’t agree and that’s fine.  I may upset my friends and vice versa.  But the main thing is how you handle the situation.

Last week I spoke my mind about something that I felt passionate about.  The other person was shocked because contrary  to what you may believe I don’t talk a lot! After the conversation, my spirit told me that the person took our conversation to heart.  I made it a point to explain myself to the person later in the day.  I apologized  and explained my comments and everything was fine.  But I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t say anything to the person.  Would we still be friends?  Would the person have confronted me to explain their feelings?

I have never been a part of a clique.  I feel comfortable talking with different people. I can walk in a room of complete strangers and leave making a new friend.  Yesterday on the field trip to DC. I noticed cliques, not with kids but with parents.  I had a flash back to grade school.  As a full-time working single mom, I don’t have the liberty of attending field trips with my children. I really wanted this trip to be special.

Tomorrow’s blog will give you all of the great details and funny things that happened in DC. I chaperoned Harrison and two of his friends.  We took DC on like bosses.  I couldn’t find a group to pair up with.  You know that feeling when you are in the grocery store and you see someone. And you try to look away before they see you. That is what was happening to me yesterday.

But I took it in stride and the boys and I had a blast.  I even heard “Man, your mom is pretty cool Harrison!”

Friends come and go.  But are they really friends to begin with?  People change, situations change and sometimes your circle of friends change.  There are times when you find out that people want to be friends with you for convenience or for a season.  My friends that were by side during my divorce are still by my side.  I didn’t “unfriend” them because my divorce was finalized.

I am blessed to have some truly amazing friends and I say this often.  I don’t think I could ever repay the kindness that people have shown me.  I try daily.  Whenever I lose a friend, God always sends a new friend into my life.

What about your friends?  Are you there for them when it’s convenient for you?  Or will you drop everything to help them out?  My friendships are valuable and I thank God for the friends that He has placed in my life.  With maturity comes wisdom and discernment of who is really in your corner.

4 thoughts on “What About Your Friends…

  1. Those that chose not to spend time with you yesterday missed out on an awesome oppoortunity to meet one awesome lady! I still miss seeing you and having your encouragement bestowed upon me. You were a true blessing to me at Old State and I haven’t forgotten that! 💕💕

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  2. I still remember when I chaperoned Malik’s class and also having a similar experience. It didn’t matter at the end of the day because my son and his friends had a great time and they even got an “A” on their project because we got the signature of Delaware Senator which was a bonus.

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