A Day In The Life of Brooke Copher


I’ve been asked by many since I have been blogging what a typical day looks like for me.  The first thing is that there is nothing typical about it.  Just like everyone each day for me comes with challenges and uncertainty.  For me some of the challenges are hard to deal with.  Autism is not for the weak and definitely keeps you on high alert.

Some autism families may relate to my day and for some their day is the total opposite.  One thing about being an autism mom is that I am not in competition with another family. I celebrate when another family has a breakthrough or reaches a milestone.  It is a victory for all of us. Here is a look at a day in life of Brooke Copher.

4:00 am – My little princess wakes me up. Sydney makes her pop tart breakfast and has a picnic breakfast in my room.  But only on school days. On the weekend she likes to have breakfast in the kitchen like “normal” people.  She loves routine and is more independent now.  She is usually dressed and ready for school by 4:45 am.

5:00 am- Put in a load of laundry. Sydney will stay in my room and play or watch tv.  This is my time to “pray before I post”.  Most days my blogs are ready to go.  Some mornings I wake up and feel led to write on a different topic and that is just what I do.

5:30 am -Put the laundry in the dryer, and fold the laundry from the day before. Now it is time for me to get ready for work.  I like to be ready in case there is an issue with Sydney and I have to drop her off at school, instead of putting her on the bus.

6:00 am – Wake Harrison up( which usually takes ten reminders). Then I check emails and pay bills online.

6:32 am- The timer goes off and we should all be downstairs.  This is my prayer time with the kids. Sometimes we even have a dance party.

6:43 am – Harrison and Sydney are on the bus and off to school.

6:45 am -Prayer closet time: This is when it is my time to have a little talk with Jesus.  Some mornings there are tears of joy, or sadness.  Most days it’s thanking God for all of the wonderful things He has done for my family.

7:00 am –  Post the Alex and Ani motivation phrase for the day on FaceBook.  If there is time, sometimes I have a dance party or an amazing lip sync performance.

7:15 am- Head to work.  There are some days that I do my grocery shopping before school if I don’t have an early meeting.

7:30 am -Arrive at work.  I sit in my car and call my mommy to get some inspiration for the day.  I use the time to get my mind right and walk into work.  Don’t forget the Holy Water.

7:30-8:20 am -Last minute preparations for the school day.  Usually I make a few calls regarding Syd to therapists and check my work email.

8:25-11:20 am – Greet my second graders and teach the future leaders of tomorrow.

11:20-11:50 am – Lunch time I usually need a sensory break or some prayer time.  Sometimes I will work on my blog. Or I will listen to my Jesus music as Sydney calls it.

12:00- 3:25 pm – Recess and a fun-filled afternoon.  I am no longer the lunch whisperer.  That’s the reason I have plantar fasciitis. 🙂

3:45 pm – Time to make a quick stop to pick up prescriptions or get gas.  Tuesday and Thursday are my Planet Fitness days, so I get the kids later.

4:30 pm – Pick up the kids from my parents house. I usually visit with them for a bit and then we head home.

4:50 pm – Home and ready for job number 2: mommy mode.  I get dinner started and review Sydney’s binder. I will have her read to me or write in her diary. Then I like to ask her about her day.  It’s the same three questions,  but I like to switch it up on her to make sure she is really paying attention to me.

6:00 pm- Dinner and Family meeting. We usually have our family meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  But sometimes Harrison will call a family meeting when needed.

6:45 pm-  Sydney has free time.  Now I can work with Harrison checking over his assignments, looking at his grades and making sure he’s ready for the next day.

7:30 pm – I do a clothes check for everyone. Keep in mind if a meltdown occurs or Syd has a sensory issue.  We take time to spend in Australia and our schedule changes.

8:00-9:00 pm –   The kids are getting ready for bed. While I try to make phone calls, pay more bills and clean up the house.

9:00-11:00 pm – I check in with my mommy and sissy.  I usually blog, listen to music, enjoy a glass of wine and work on my book.  Most of the time I am just trying to turn my mind off to relax and try to get some sleep.

Was my day what you were thinking?  I didn’t add in the therapy session in the evening or the doctor appointments that I schedule for after school.  My goal is to make more time for myself.  I don’t want to go out every weekend.  But I would like to try to do something every other weekend.  That is my goal for the summer.

My days aren’t glamorous filled with massage or pedicure appointments.  But my days are spent with the people who I love, doing the things that I love the most.  I am satisfied with that.

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