A Night of Seizures and Sleep Paralysis


This past weekend we experienced some major milestones in Copher’s Community.  We made it through a long weekend without any meltdowns.  As I am typing this now, Sydney is crying herself to sleep.   Sydney didn’t need her visual schedule. I even had a chance to go to the salon and have a few hours to myself.   We were a normal family.

Sunday evening, we had our family meeting and watched a movie together.  I think Harrison and Sydney watched it and I dozed off a few times.  I was thankful for family time, time for me to reflect and work on my book and happy children.

Harrison and Sydney went to bed around ten o’clock.   I decided to do laundry and clean. Do you ever have nights when you are so tired but your mind won’t let you rest?  Well I was having one of those nights.

As soon as I drifted off to sleep I heard footsteps. Sydney was making her way to my room.  I heard her say “Mom, it’s the monsters.”  I haven’t heard her say that in a while.  For those of you that don’t know.  The monsters are what Sydney calls her seizures.  She is aware of the onset of a seizure and does her best to make it to me.

Normally I jump to my feet, and grab the timer.  I have to time the seizures so that I know if I have to give her the rescue medicine.  When that is given, the next call is 911. I froze. I am not sure how much time elapsed.  I turned on the lights and Sydney told me about the monsters.  She hadn’t soiled her clothes, her eyes looked good and she was talking.


The next thing I knew I was speaking life, and healing over Sydney. I kept speaking that tonight there will be peace and no seizures in Jesus name!  See sometimes you have to speak your prayers into existence.  The same power that lives in God also lives in us.  Sydney sat down next to me and I sang with her.  When she asked if we could shop online I knew she was fine.  You need to learn how to tell Satan to go back to the pits of hell from whence he comes from.  And remember Satan doesn’t always have horns and wear red.

Sydney jumped in bed with me and I am glad that she did. I wanted to keep an eye on her during the night.  She surprised me and went back to sleep rather quickly. I was sleeping like a newborn and I felt someone standing over me.   My thought was, I don’t have the energy to fight off a criminal from Criminal Minds.

It was Harrison and he looked white as a ghost.  He was breathing heavy like The Walking Dead was near.  He began to tell me that he had another episode of sleep paralysis.  This happened to him once before. But this time he looked different.  He described the experience as feeling trapped, awake but not able to move.  He told me he tried to call on Jesus but he was frozen.

Listening to him describe this experience made my heart ache.  He wanted to research sleep paralysis right away.  I know that he is anxious about the next two weeks. I am really trying not to let him see my mommy emotions.  Thank goodness Syd slept through all of this.  Harrison and I prayed together and he jumped in bed too.  Copher’s Community had turned into the community bed.

I stayed up with him until he fell asleep. There are times when it rains it pours. I defeated one problem and we were being attacked from the other side.  But in the end we were victorious.  Our problems may seem big but our faith and God are bigger.

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