Summer nights, movies, walks in the parks, bike riding and going to the beach.  These are just a few of the things that we may have planned for our summer vacation.  How could I forget our trip back home to Michigan? That will be an amazing trip for sure.  I am sure that I will have plenty of blog material to share with all of you this summer.
So why I am dreading summer?  I am having the summer blues already.  Don’t tell me I am so lucky that I get my summers off either.  There’s a meme that’s been going around that says “Parents, tag you’re it!  Well I am always it.
Have you planned your summer bucket list with your family?  The kids and I sat and talked about it at our last family meeting.  I immediately felt the pressure of having something planned every day for the kids. Over the Memorial Day weekend.  We were a meltdown free family.  Sydney didn’t need her visual schedule and did well with the fact that we didn’t really have a strict routine to follow.
Summer might be totally different.  Harrison will not attend Youth Academy with the Police Department this year. I was sad to hear that they weren’t able to have the program because of funding issues.  Sydney will have summer school for four weeks in July.  I think she will like the routine.
So does every day have to be a special day? Filled with jam-packed activities from sunrise to sunset?  No, absolutely not.  I am already thinking about how many times I will have to feed them!  Will they say they are bored?  Probably.  Knowing me I will have a sample routine for Sydney.  We will use our chalk board to help us keep track of the special events each week.
The key for me is to plan activities on a budget.  So I will check Groupon and try to plan accordingly.  Some parents have their children enrolled in camps all summer because they work.  The cost of that must be expensive.
This summer I will try not to let the summer blues take over.  When the school supplies come out in July.  I will buy them.  I am not waiting for the quarter composition notebooks or the ten cent folders.  And if  I search my office I might have everything they already need on the list.  Their summer reading projects will done by July 15th.  Yes, Sydney has a summer reading project also.
So what will summer look like for us.  We will appreciate the little things, nature, and family.  I will take time for myself and not feel guilty. We will make the most of our time together.  We won’t schedule all of our doctor appointments in one day.  We will take lots of pictures and selfies.  We will create memories.  I will not focus on how many weeks we have left until we go back to school.  What is on your summer bucket list? Let the next months transform you in ways that you never thought life would.

I am claiming that this summer will be the best summer for Copher’s Community! I am wishing the best for you. I pray that you receive all that your hearts desire.

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