Selfie 101

It only took eight pictures to get the perfect shot.

If Oxford Dictionary selected “selfie” for word of the year in 2013.  Than selfies must be important.  I know some people think that those that take a lot of selfies are narcissists.  Harrison cringes when I ask him to take a picture let alone a selfie.  Am I conceited because I take selfies?  What is the importance of a selfie?

There are days when I look in the mirror and I think Damn, I look good.  Then I take out my camera and try to take that bathroom selfie.  You know the one that I am talking about. The selfie where you stand in front of the mirror looking at the camera trying to get the perfect shot.  After fifteen minutes I had a hot flash, my spiral curls were flat and I still didn’t have a bathroom selfie.

Since I became a blogger.  I have taken more selfies than I normally would.  Now that I am ready to take my blog to the next level.  I will need to perfect my selfie skills. Or better yet hire a photographer.   One plan that I have is to blog about product reviews.  Which means I will have to take pictures of the products, me with the products and of course selfies.


Sydney let me borrow her glasses.  A selfie expert wouldn’t have the windex in the background of the selfie.

When people comment about my blog, they like that I include pictures of our family.  I think that they feel connected or comfortable with us.  I am glad that they feel that way. It does help people to relate to us.  We are a normal family.

There are guidelines to selfies.  You have to stand a certain way.  Hold the camera at a certain angle.  And pray for the best. I am not always comfortable in front of the camera.  Since I am a blogger now. I find myself taking more pictures for my blog.  Last week I received a comment from one of my followers.  She said she loves my work but she doesn’t like to read.  So I thought she wanted me to talk with her about why she didn’t love reading.  No, she told me she wants me to do more videos on Facebook.  She told me to vlog.

Recently I attended a  Blogging Mixer where I met a vlogger and she was amazing.  So that basically means taking my written blog and creating a video and posting  that message on social media.  This follower of my blog, definitely gave me something to ponder.


My new profile picture! LOL

Do you enjoy taking selfies?   Do you hate selfies?  Are you the person who asks, “Do you just want me to just take the picture?”  I don’t think selfies are going away anytime soon.  My favorite selfies are the ones that include something great in the background. Or a selfie where I have family all together in one place.

I also use selfies for my vision board.  It is my own personal timeline of when I achieve new goals in my life.  But if you ever see a selfie of me as my screen saver on my phone or laptop.  Please do an intervention.  My last selfie wisdom is that a real friend will not post a picture or a selfie on social media. If everyone doesn’t look fantastic. Just saying.

Feel free to post a selfie in the comment section.  You know you want to.

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