Is This A Drill?

Day 2 of 8th grade!

The first week back to school is always exciting, scary and exhausting. I think because our family had so many transitions. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

I must admit I was in denial that school was starting, up until 10:00 pm on Labor Day. When I woke the kids up for the first day of school. I was anxious. But I didn’t want them to know.

Sydney asked me “Is this a drill?” No baby girl this is the real deal. She went downstairs to get breakfast going. It took Harrison so many prompts to get out of bed. My patience was gone by 5:45 am.

I come downstairs to find Sydney eating the last of the ice cream and waiting patiently for her medicine. Harrison was on a hunger strike because he was so anxious.

Remember I didn’t make lunches last night, because I was in denial. So everyone will be buying lunch at school. And maybe we should look into eating breakfast there too.

They picked their own outfits. Thank goodness Sydney didn’t pick her Cleopatra costume. For a brief moment, I wanted to cry. It was too much for me and I felt a panic attack coming on.

I prayed with Harrison and Sydney and tried to rub them with Holy Oil but they were moving too fast. Harrison was on the bus by 6:40 and Sydney was off by 6:56.

The only tears that were shed were mine. I needed to drop off Sydney’s medication at the middle school. Then go to the high school and drop off Harrison’s inhalers and epi-pen. And I needed to be at work to greet my first grade friends.

I was mad at myself because I allowed bitterness and anger to take over. I was cursing and in a rush. I was mad that I have to do EVERYTHING. All I wanted to do was crawl in a fetal position and call it a day.

Please don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have a breaking point, pity party or a meltdown. I promised myself that I would do my best not to be in that situation again. It wasn’t the best way to start off my week. By the grace of God. In the end we all made it.

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