Don’t Worry, Brooke Can Handle It


Were your ears burning? We were just talking about you. How many of you have heard that expression? A few weeks ago someone made the comment. “Don’t worry Brooke can handle it.” Their statement was true. I can handle it. But guess what someone else can handle it too.

Just because I am a single mother, full-time teacher, autism advocate, raising a child with a disability. Doesn’t mean that I can take on the weight of the world. I know I was not built to break. I know God gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. I think I am aware of my strength during times of stress, struggles and adversity.

Just because I have proven to come out of the fire still standing and not scarred. Doesn’t mean that I always want to walk through the fire.

When people tell me I look tired. I still don’t know how to respond. “Oh, thanks is my new reply.” How else am I supposed to look? Like I just stepped out of the spa and salon?

Yes, I have it together. Some days I am holding on by a thin thread. They have no idea. That the night before I was on my knees in prayer begging God for deliverance from my current situation.

So I say. Spread the love. It is time for others to step up and rise to the occasion. When you are faced in a situation that seems hopeless. Don’t say Brooke can handle it. (Or insert another name that works in your scenario.) You will find a way to handle it. You won’t have a tour guide or help. But trust me you will be able to get the job done. If I can do it. Then I know that you can too.

There’s a new Brooke in town. She is finally strong enough to say no, and not feel bad about her response.

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