I’m Looking For A Beer

Autism makes us laugh. And on those days we cherish the laughter. I think back to the day the “A” word was mentioned and I’m not sure how we are still making it. It must be the humor and a whole lot of Jesus.

I heard Syd yelling that she needed to find the beer. Now my first reaction was. Well you don’t want to know my first reaction. When I asked her to repeat it. She yelled, “Find the beer!”

Now she had my attention. I went downstairs expecting to find her searching the fridge for beer. But I found her working on her favorite thing. A word search puzzle she received from school.

The title of the word search was Booze Cruise Pt. 1. She found fermenting but still needed the word beer. We laughed and I thought thank God. I didn’t send her to school with a wine word search.

You’ll be glad to know that Syd found the word beer. Now she’s looking for Pilsner. Can’t wait for Booze Cruise Pt. 2.

Happy Monday

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