Rock The Boat Don’t Tip The Boat Over

Why is it that the 1974 hit Rock The Boat by Hues Corporation is my song. Even though I was born in 1972. My daddy loved music. Some of my greatest memories involve listening to music with daddy.

A friend asked me to take a ride in his boat. I wasn’t expecting The Love Boat. But this boat reminded me of Fredo in The Godfather II, on the lake in that tiny boat.

Since I can’t swim I’m thinking where’s my life jacket. Is this boat motorized? Or do we need to paddle along the lake? There’s no way I’m getting my big butt in that boat. It just might tip over. It would have probably been a better blog if I had tipped the boat over. Sorry if you thought that’s where I was going with this blog.

The size of the boat and everything that was supposed to go in the boat with us made me worry. There wasn’t enough room. We just might sink. We have to leave something behind. I began to think about my life. And how I was taught not to rock the boat. Don’t make waves.

It took a long time for me to realize that I couldn’t save everyone. If there weren’t enough life jackets. Harrison and Syd were my first priority. After that, it’s every man for themselves.

Some people in the boat with you will fall out. Even though you try to save them and throw them a rope. They choose not to grab hold. Some people aren’t meant to ride along with you. There will come a time when you must rock the boat. And tip the boat over.

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