Hi, My Name Is Sydney

Sydney is very dramatic. We all know that. So when I hear her acting out a scene from a movie. It reminds me when she didn’t have a voice.

One day I saw her looking in the mirror. I heard her say. “Hi, my name is Sydney. This is my brother Harrison.” At first I didn’t think much of it. But she began to repeat it over and over. Not echolalia. She was practicing how to introduce herself. This is something we’ve been practicing together.

Things are clicking for Sydney. She loves her time alone. But she also loves learning about the world around her. People have told me that Sydney doesn’t mind doing her own thing. I disagree. I see Sydney trying to branch out and try new things.

The last time she had swimming. She had to work with a new volunteer. The volunteer introduced herself and Sydney replied without promoting. “I’m Sydney.” Inclusion has helped Sydney academically as well as socially.

Today I celebrate her beautiful mind. Her desire to be a teenage girl. Her love for spending time with family and friends. Lately, I don’t wonder what is going on in her mind like I did in the past. Now I just watch her from across the room. I watch the look on her face when she’s trying to process the questions she’s been asked. I’m trying hard to give her space. Praying that people will give her wait time and a chance to answer their questions.

Last night she told me it was perfect Autism. I couldn’t agree more. #belikesyd #perfectautism

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