1 in 59

I must admit that the statistic doesn’t startle me. This statistic confirms that we have a lot of work to do. 1 in 59. That’s the current number of children, identified on the autism spectrum. The number of children being diagnosed with autism is growing rapidly. This is a 15% increase from two years ago. And a 150% increase since 2000.

We need to advocate for funding for autism research, funding for K-3 services in special education and training for teachers and all staff. I began to write in my journal last night. Reflecting on how our autism journey began 11 years ago.

I wish there was a day care or preschool that welcomed children with special needs. I wish there was a parent liaison that could help parents navigate through the IEP process without charging a fee. I wish there were summer camps that Syd could have attended with peers. I wish she had a para to shadow her while at summer camp. I wish that we could have attended events without people staring at us like we had three heads. I wish….

There’s no time for me to keep making a wish list. It’s time for me to reach out and help other families. It’s time to take my advocacy to another level. Stay tuned.

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