Press Pause

I’ve missed blogging. Harrison’s still working on the Selfie For Syd video. But he’s got this thing called high school keeping him occupied.

I took a break from blogging. I didn’t post the blogs that I have already written. I pray before I post and it wasn’t time to share those with you all just yet. I’m not having a writing slump. I have more blog material.That I can’t keep up writing it all down.

This week I struggled with my decision making. I took a much needed break. My doctor told me to get rid of the stress in my life. And do more of what I love.

Syd was with me at my appointment because her appointment with neurologist was next. My doctor began to ask me about what I do for a living and about Harrison. She quickly changed her tune with that whole get rid of your stress bullshit.

So, I had to go cray cray on her. In a classy, not trashy, but calm way. Sista to sista I had to tell her she needed to work on her tool of bedside manner comments and step out of fairy tale life for just a moment to join the single mamas club just for a minute.

The rest of the appointment went well. She still didn’t offer any suggestions that made common sense. But I think she realized that she has to seek first and not give generic text book comments that she pulled from the drop down box in her memory.

When she left the room. The nurse came in and her spirit let me know she was a believer. She told me that God’s plan for me is big. That one day I’ll speak to many about my testimony. That was strength I needed to endure a day at the hospital with Sydney later.

Never apologize for taking a break. I’m glad I did. I see a break on the horizon with my name on it.

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