To Date or Not to Date

We all have baggage that we carry daily. Some of us are paying a fee, because our baggage is well over the limit. It’s difficult to let the baggage go and start fresh with someone new. Should I trust again? What if I get hurt again? Is this worth my time?

Some of the baggage that I carry isn’t going away anytime soon. And no, I’m not talking about Autism. Finding someone that will be patient. As I empty my suitcase is important. My baggage isn’t as full as it was five years ago. But I still need to empty a few more things.

I canceled on a date the other day. I’ve been trying to figure out why. Was it because I was exhausted from the week? And I just wanted to relax at home. Or was I afraid that my baggage would follow me on the date?

Since then I’ve done some soul searching. Being single has been my norm. I’ve embraced it and accepted. It is my status for now. I love me!

What’s holding me back? Will he call and ask for a second date, maybe? Was I really into him? Or did I just want a date because my pedicure still looked good and the weather was nice?

Dating after forty and dating after divorce are tough. But not impossible. I remind myself of God’s perfect timing. He will grant me the desires of my heart. I need to make sure that my heart is ready. To date or not to date is the million dollar question.

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