You Can’t Handle The Truth

Women are emotional human beings. Some of us our a little over the top with our emotions and that is okay. Crying is not a sign of weakness. I believe that when you cry you release tension, pain, anger and memories.

So why do you we teach our boys not to cry? When boys cry they are considered weak or a mama’s boy. I remember my ex telling Harrison to man up when we told him we were getting a divorce. That he had to to take care of Sydney and I. I’m thinking boo, that’s your job. I didn’t need Harrison to man up. I needed him to be a kid and be open with me to walk through this difficult journey.

As I meet men now I see a pattern. I can spot the ones that come from a dysfunctional family. I can tell the ones that are addicted to “something” and it is not always drugs or alcohol. I can spot the ones that are shady and  dishonest. Am I saying that there are no good men out there. No, not at all. I am just saying be careful before you start making the guest list for the wedding and moving in together.

I’ve said it before we all have baggage. Women don’t mind sharing our baggage with our girls. It takes a strong men to talk about the past and how it still haunts them today. Ladies, we need to get our men to communicate. Let them know they are safe to share these intimate details with us. And that it won’t be thrown in their face during an argument. I know that it was very hard for someone that I loved to talk to me about being molested as a child. It wasn’t until twenty years later that he was able to face the abuse and seek counseling.

To me there is the nothing sexier than a man that will bare his soul, on his own terms. What messages are you sending to your own sons? Remember they will leave the nest one day. Whether we want them to or not.

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