We All Remember Our Favorite Teacher

I remember Mrs. Spehar. She was my fourth grade teacher. She was fair, kind and made learning fun. That was the year that I was bullied in school. That year was painful. But I always felt safe in her class.

I remember Mr. Durian. He was my first male teacher and he was hilarious. I could list all of my teachers. The ones that inspired me. And the ones that challenged me. I thought they didn’t like me. But they were really making me step out of my comfort zone. Except Sr. DeSales she was straight up mean. It was just like yesterday. I could hear her tapping my desk during handwriting. Telling me and all of the school that I was holding my pencil wrong and my cursive B wasn’t perfect.

I’m not going to talk about my 22 years of teaching. I want to thank Harrison and Sydney’s teachers. To the teachers at St. Hugo that provided more than an education for Harrison. They taught him to be a witness to the goodness of God and to love others. They also helped him during my divorce and our transition to Delaware.

Sydney’s teachers in Delaware embraced her on her good days and the worst days. Harrison’s teachers in Delaware have been amazing also. They recognized a quiet kid that needed encouragement to speak and be himself.

Teachers are amazing individuals. Just don’t tell us we don’t deserve our summers off. That’s when we will snap on you and tell you we earned summer vacation by October 31st.

Do you remember your favorite teacher?

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