Thanks For My Father’s Day Gift Rob

Father’s Day this year won’t hurt as much for Harrison and Sydney. Their dad came to Delaware for Sydney’s award ceremony. They were able to celebrate with him at dinner. Harrison had a chance to go to the movies with him also.

Before I continue I must wish all of the dads, special needs dads, and single dads a Happy Father’s Day. I can’t forget the grandfathers, stepfathers and surrogate dads that are so important. I’m blessed to still have my daddy with me. I celebrate him everyday.

I’ve been the mama and the daddy for five years now. Everything I do is for my children. When it’s Mother’s Day their dad doesn’t make sure they have a gift for me. To be honest that hurt like hell at first. But then I let it go. On Father’s Day and his birthday. I remind Harrison and Sydney to reach out to their dad.

I have so many blog topics to write about  in his three day visit. This year I received a Father’s Day gift from my baby daddy. When Sydney walked across that stage at her award ceremony. It was clear that I did that shit!!! When Harrison was talking with former teachers, and parents holding a conversation with respect, ease and confidence. I thought to myself. I did that shit.


The gift he gave me didn’t come in a box with a red bow. It didn’t cost him a fortune. Before he left. He hugged me and told me congratulations. He told me that I did a fantastic job raising Sydney. He couldn’t believe how popular she was and how well she did interacting with others. He also talked about Harrison and what a great young man he is.

I’m never speechless. But this time I was. I was ready to reply with five years of baggage. In an instant God’s presence was so strong. That all I could say was “Thank you. That means a lot and I appreciate your compliment”.

I never wanted diamonds and material things. I only wanted respect. And that hasn’t changed.

Happy Father’s Day

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