Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

Is it really true what they say? Men and women can be just friends. I was a firm believer that the answer was no. It might have been because of the experiences that I had with men in my past. If my husband had a friend that was a woman. I wanted to know who she was. Not because I didn’t trust him. I didn’t trust Becky with the good hair and I was right.

I met my friend Max five years ago. I just moved to Delaware and he was my first. The first male that I talked with since my divorce. I think we were both attracted to each other. He did remind me of my ex. Kayla tells me I have a type. I think she’s right. But I won’t admit that to her.


Max was easy to talk to, but nothing romantic was in the works. Our hugs and kiss on the cheek quickly turned into a fist bump with flair. Max is good people as my Grandmother would say. We were both divorced and lost. Thank God we had common sense to keep it strictly platonic.

He’s my person. My male person. He will call me with crazy dating stories and I do my best not to laugh. Then I ask him if I can use that for my blog. When I need some advice I ask him and value his opinion.

We are friends. Just friends. Like pay your own way friends. A friend that you can tell. I have to go poop let me call you back. No romance. Just friends. No one believes that Max is just a friend. Why would I lie? If I had a boo. You would know. He would be on my Instagram.

Seriously, I think it is possible for mature men and women to be friends. I pray for him to find the happiness that his heart desires. I believe he wishes the same for me. He’s my buddy. He’s my friend. He’s Max.
Will we always be frieinds? I am not sure. Think about it. What woman wants to hear her man talk about his female friend. Not many that I know. I have many girls that give me advice and have my back. And for now I have Max too.

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