Not The Back To School Nightmare in July

It is 3:15 am and if it hadn’t been for Sydney waking me up. I’m not sure how this nightmare would have ended. It happens every year. I have the back to school nightmare.

The I forget the student’s name dream. Or I put them on the wrong bus dream. The nightmare usually doesn’t come until August. So I was surprised that it happened last night.

It started off that Jesus was the principal or maybe the superintendent. I told Jesus he had to come to school. He said that he would. We had a huge dinner with all of the teachers.

Spino and Riley had to keep telling me to put my bra on. And I was a frequent flyer at the nurse’s office. I had the most visits in the school.

Next, we were in Walgreens. Jesus and I. We were sitting in the aisle with the black hair care products. I was picking out Chi oil so Jesus could straighten his wooly hair.

Then a handsome, tall man appears. But I couldn’t see his face. Next, I called Ms. Keisha, our daycare teacher from Michigan to tell her I would be late picking Sydney up.

It was so bizarre because we could see everything happening in Walgreens but no one talked to us. It was that moment in my dream that I thought I was dead and in heaven or on my way to heaven. I had no idea.

Thank God Sydney came skipping into my room. She woke me up and the first thing I did was journal everything that happened in my dream.

Oh, one last thing. A bird flew in my house or classroom and I kept saying we have got to get the bird out before the students get here.

I’m not good at interpreting dreams. But this was so bizarre. So, if you know what any of this means. Please help a sista out.


Sleepless in Delaware

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