Baggage Claim

If you had to pay for all the baggage you are carrying. Would you still be hauling it around with you?

If your baggage could only weigh so much and the bag must be the perfect dimensions to fit inside the overhead compartment. Would you still carry it?

We are all guilty of carrying extra baggage. Some of us hide it well. Others can’t take a step without the reminder of the baggage from the past.

I know you are physically strong. In great shape. Can move tires and climb rock walls. But you still aren’t strong enough to carry your own unnecessary baggage.

It’s time to check your bags. Hell, it is time to just take a carry on bag with you. Travel light. Love yourself enough to let go of the negativity. Only carry baggage that will empower you and make you achieve your goals.

If we had to pay an over limit fee for the baggage we carry. We would change our mindset quickly. I only need one bag.


The Bag Lady

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