This Week

Some people say Sundays are for church. Each day I wake up is a day for church and Jesus. I’ll break out with a mini church service when needed. Sunday is a day for rest and family.

I find myself very relaxed on Sundays. I map out the plan for the week. Update the kids on their schedules and of course we have our family meeting.

The weather has been dictating our plans lately. Holding us hostage. Will it rain? Should we go to an outdoor free event? The weather hasn’t been dictating my mood. That’s a blessing. In the past I would have struggled emotionally and physically to go out and be around others when it was raining. I’ve told you before I’m brown sugar and would melt.

As I look ahead to the next four weeks of my summer vacation. There are projects I need to finish, people I need to see and things I would still like to do with Harrison and Sydney.

Last week I received a call from a friend that I hadn’t spoken with in a few years. It was great hearing her voice. It was also great because some of the things that she shared with me were the answers to things that I had been praying about.

No matter what happens this week. I’m comfortable knowing that sometimes the simplicity of life is better than all of the bells and whistles of the world.

Enjoy your week even if it involves confusion, cursing and plot twists.



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