The Million Dollar Question

Harrison asked me to tell him the story of when I met his father. I asked him if he wanted to read a chapter from my book. He said he would rather read it when I’m done writing the book.

I began to tell him the story and I stopped. I told him to get his Michigan box from the basement. Sydney has one too. Inside are things that I didn’t want to leave behind when we moved. Letters they can’t open until they are 18 years old and our family history.

They each have their Christening gowns, photographs, outfit from the hospital and other mementos. I’m not one for keeping teeth and locks of hair. That reminds me of a Criminal Minds episode.

Autism didn’t cause my divorce. And for those that think Sydney isn’t phased by it you are wrong. Sydney has been asking for her dad. At the store she saw a man that resembled him and she said, “That’s my dad.” At night when she prays she includes her dad.

My heart aches for my children at times. But then I look at how amazing they are and I think that they will be just fine in Jesus name. The Chief of Police in Middletown has reached out to make sure that Harrison checks in with him each month. I’m grateful for positive role models in the community.

Sydney works well with male figures at school. Maybe that is because she doesn’t see her father often. When she does see him. She brings up songs and memories from the past. Things that happened in Michigan.

When Sydney mentions her dad. I prompt her to write him a message. She loves making videos. So I will help her send the videos of her singing and her drama performances to him.

Harrison and Sydney each have dealt with our new life in their own way. I don’t blame Sydney for my divorce. I’ve been working on a social story that hopefully will help Sydney and other children living with autism and divorce.

I didn’t really answer the question does autism lead to divorce. I’ll save that for another blog.

~ Brooke

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