You Can Touch My Fruit Anytime

I have terrible memories of Walmart. Not because of the customers or the workers. I have nightmares from our Walmart experiences in Michigan.

Syd could sniff Walmart out a mile away. As soon as she walked in she would say “Save money live better.” Walmart was sensory overload for her. This is when she first was able to name the Disney Princesses and she was obsessed with Toy Story also.

On one of our Walmart trips. I was in an autism coma. I prepped the kids and they had the list of what they wanted. I had a few things I needed. I never liked the idea of doing grocery shopping in the same store I would buy my Hanes underwear. I can’t lie I used to be a Costco bawler back in Michigan. I remember buying pajamas and mozzarella balls at the same time.

Our last Walmart trip in Michigan consisted of me walking in a daze while the kids filled the cart. I drowned out Sydney’s screams and walked out with everything except milk, eggs, and bread. All the essentials for a snow day.

Katie kept telling me to try Walmart shopping pick up. If anyone needed some help it was me. I kept thinking you can’t touch my fruit. You definitely can’t touch my ground beef.

This past week has been emotional. With daddy being hospitalized and Kayla moving to NYC. We were handling a lot on our plates. The last thing on my mind was groceries.

3:00 am I downloaded the app and starting shopping. I think I did better because I wasn’t impulse shopping. Thank God for $10 off code, that helped too. I would pick up my groceries between 10-11 the next morning.

I didn’t realize that this would be a life changing experience for me. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I pulled in to get my groceries. Kirk, the associate was great. He explained everything and showed me my eggs and fruit. With a growing teenage boy this would only last three days but it would be fine.

I starting thinking the Walmart associates can touch my fruit and ground beef anytime. This would be a way to make things easier for me.

On the days when Syd isn’t having the best day. I can still get groceries instead of putting it off. Now, our family meeting involves doing the Walmart shopping on the app. The kids are excited.

Save money live better, Walmart!


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