Call 911


God got my attention two weeks ago. Next time God just tap me on my shoulder and save all of the dramatics. I almost lost my daddy. He’s a private and very humble man. I didn’t take to Facebook to give you all a play by play. I needed to go into my prayer closet, to fast and pray.

I reached out to some of my prayer warriors to pray for my daddy. I called my friends back in Michigan from high school and college. I called my cousins, family and friends to pray for healing.

When I heard they were calling 911 for daddy. I jumped in my car and went to my parents home. When I arrived they were preparing daddy for the ride to the hospital. He was on oxygen now and strapped in on the stretcher. His face looked grey. His eyes were glazed. Our family was standing in silence. Not making eye contact with each other for fear that we would burst into tears.

Daddy was fighting for his life for the next week. I learned many things from this experience.

1. I saw the love of my mommy for her husband. He was her priority. She prayed and was there by his side each day. She nursed him back to health.

2. Prayer is powerful. When you know what to pray for that’s easy. But when you are facing the unknown. You have to lay it on the altar  for God to work it out.

3. Family steps up when trouble comes. Mommy wasn’t leaving daddy’s side. We were blessed to have family members who were supportive and accepted that. You see mommy is also a caregiver to her mom, who has dementia.

Daddy is home and still recovering. He is loved. His neighbors have been fighting over who will cut the lawn. They know Mr. Charles likes to keep the lawn looking good. He’s is good hands because he is in God’s hands.

I know he misses golfing but I know he is thanking God to be alive. His recovery will take longer than expected and he will need surgery in the future. We will continue to pray just like we always do.

I  was reminded just how precious life is and how we can’t waste days being bitter or angry. So eat the cake, go on the trip, enjoy your family, take the yoga class, or get a new job. We have one life to live. It should be our best life. Not a life of regret.


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