Blame It On My Beach Hair

When I tell you that I can’t take the heat. I’m serious. Flashback to my staff picture at school. Too many people close together and not enough AC pumping. Meant that I was turning Sixty Shades of Grey. It’s not cute.

I was so excited to drive to Ocean City for Surfers Healing. Waking up at 5:00 am and hitting the snooze button several times, caused me to wear my beach hair. Also known as my wig.

I knew I was looking cute with my Hello Sunshine hat and long beach hair. #blackgirlmagic.

We made it to the beach with time to spare. The kids were excited. It was so humid. And I know I was drinking water but evidently not enough.

Surfers Healing is always an emotional event. While registering, a company donated boxes of boogie boards for the kids to keep. Everyone was saying Mahola, and it was just a feel good kumbya feeling in the air.

I wasn’t sure how long we would make it on the beach. But I would enjoy having my toes in the sand and watching my kids have fun.

I wasn’t anxious or nervous. We were in a safe zone with families that “get it”. Thank God our friends were at the beach too. I wouldn’t have made it without them.

As I watched Sydney riding the waves. I was overcome with heat exhaustion, dehydration, my emotions and my beach hair. My legs felt like jello. I felt like I was going to be sick. I lost sight of Sydney and turned for help.

A volunteer called the medics. They sat me down. Gave me water and a banana to eat. I don’t remember much. But I did tell the lady be careful not to pull off my beach hair. I didn’t want to startle her as she was applying ice packs to my neck.

I rode on an ATV just like David Hasselholff used in Baywatch. I was surrounded by men with nice tans. It was like being surrounded by a ton of Winstons in How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

I would have to spend some time in the ambulance with the AC on full blast. They continued checking my blood pressure and my heart rate. My mind was wandering which wasn’t helping me to calm down. I was hoping that Syd was calm and wouldn’t get lost on the beach.

I recovered quickly and they took me back to the group. The kids were surrounded by our friends and were fine. I found a spot in the shade and that’s where I remained until we left.

Yesterday was a reminder that kind people still exist and we are blessed to know them. I don’t need to wear my beach hair unless I’m doing a photo shoot. Autism family events are the coolest. I’m thankful for the extra ice packs the EMT’s gave me. They will help with my hot flashes. There’s never a dull moment when you hang with Copher’s Community and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


One Hot Mama💋

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