Sleep Is A Beautiful Thing

I know their dad thought I lost my mind when he came to visit the kids. There was a tent in the living room complete with blankets, Lamby, and stuffed animals. One might have thought we were having a one night slumber party. Really Sydney has been sleeping in a tent in the family room since July.

Which means that I have been sleeping downstairs with her. But not in the tent. I have dreams about my king size bed that’s waiting for me upstairs. Instead, I sleep on the chaise or a pop up mattress. Ghetto fabulous? Crazy or a little bit of both? Well, don’t judge unless you have walked in my shoes.

For five years Sydney didn’t sleep through the night. We were both functioning on four hours of sleep a night. I was looking a hot mess going to work each day. I was in zombie mode. If I was struggling. I can only imagine what Sydney was going through.

When you are an autism mom you think outside of the box in order to survive. Sydney sleeps through the night, snoring, farting and asking for five more minutes when the alarm goes off. That is priceless.

I asked Sydney why she likes to sleep downstairs. She replied, “I’m safe.” If you come to visit and notice the Foxy Red Tent. Feel free to stay for a sleepover. Sydney would love that.

Seriously, I made a social story about sleeping in her room. We will use the Foxy Red Tent as a special treat. Tonight, the plan is to sleep upstairs. If you see me tomorrow looking more frazzled than normal. It was a sleepless night in Copher’s Community.


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