Yes, I Said Badass and Jesus In The Same Sentence

Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I don’t sin. I’m human and I like to drink wine, dance and occasionally drop the F bomb. Yes, I love the Lord!

My friends will ask me for a scripture reference or to say a prayer for them and I think that is an area of my life that God wants me to focus more on now.

If another group of friends ask me to go to a winery or line dancing, I’m in. Why do people think you can’t love God and still live your life?

I am not without fault but I am trying to live a life that demonstrates love for others.

We are so quick to criticize others for not being the definition of a Christian or a perfect mother, wife or teacher. It’s time to just be you! Don’t let others stop you from spreading love and God’s message just because you don’t fit their definition.



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