Dead Scarecrows and Halloween Candy

Halloween 2018 was eventful just like our daily life. The stomach flu hit me really hard and there was no way I could take the kids trick or treating. I admit I thought of ways to bribe them and pretend like it wasn’t Halloween, but that wasn’t happening.

Sydney was already excited when she got off the bus, explaining to me that we had dead scarecrows on our lawn. Our Halloween decorations were pitiful and the scarecrows did look like they were dead, since they wouldn’t stay in the ground and were laying on the lawn.

I was a free range parent and sent my kiddos off to trick or treat without me. I must have been delirious, weak or mad that I couldn’t have any candy, but I sent them off to have a good time.

I forgot to give them flashlights, and glow sticks. There wasn’t time for a social story, but Harrison reminded Syd to say thank you after each house. Harrison set up the candy on our porch for the trick or treaters and they were off.

They were going to ten houses, that was the magic number. Harrison sent me pictures of Syd. She was doing a great job. Twenty minutes after they left, I admit I had a panic attack. Yes, I was tracking Harrison on my phone, but they have never been out of my sight like this before at night.

I thought about the house on the corner, with the haunted garage and the man dressed like Michael Myers. This could be a trigger for Sydney, or she might think it was hilarious. Then my doorbell rang and it was Sydney saying “Trick or Treat and taking our own candy.

She was happy to be back home and she passed out candy for me. I watched her from inside and she made me proud. By the way, Harrison took off to find a friend and get more candy.

I’ve taught my children many things and one thing they proved to me last night is that they are independent. This was an autism friendly Halloween for our family, and a huge victory on so many levels.

I’m sure they ate candy for dinner, so don’t judge. Before Syd said her prayers and went to bed she told me it’s time for Thanksgiving. #belikesyd



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