Mama’s Down and Syd’s Eating Jello with Chopsticks

Losing seven pounds might be the only good thing that happened to me this week. Having the stomach flu was not my ideal way to accomplish that task.

Single mama’s are the bomb. We wear our capes and handle our business and everything that needs to get done. We don’t have time to ask questions, we just have to get the job done. We don’t get a day off.

Along the way we often lose sight of ourselves, our health and our well being. I pushed myself when I should have listened to the signs of my body. Aren’t those the lyrics to a Shakira song? Anyway, the stomach flu knocked me out.

Thank God for Mommy getting Syd off of the bus the first day, because I literally couldn’t move. Syd didn’t like seeing me in bed. She even used echolalia to repeat, “Mommy’s sick. Mommy’s sick.” for at least an hour.

Harrison and Sydney had to step up this week and do things that I normally do to keep our house running smoothly.

Thursday night was bad. I had no energy and I needed to organize Sydney’s medicine for the week, but I was weak and delirious. Sydney asked for sautéed mushrooms for dinner. All I remember saying is “Please don’t chop your fingers off, I can’t drive to the ER tonight.” Harrison supervised her and she was happy with her meal that she made.

I admit at one point, I wished for a husband, not my ex-husband, but a mate that would help a sista out in her time of need. By the grace of God, I typed sub plans and sent them to school. I felt guilty for not being with my students for about ten minutes, but another trip to the bathroom was the confirmation I needed that I was no help to them in the state I was in.

Later that night while the dishwasher was going, Syd was searching for a spoon to eat her jello. Spoons in my house are like Tupperware lids, they get eaten, lost or stolen. I told Syd to keep searching for a spoon, I knew there had to be a plastic take out spoon in the junk drawer.

Syd didn’t find a spoon, but she did find chopsticks and that is how she happily ate her jello. It hurt to laugh, so all I could do was smile.

I felt defeated this week. I dropped the ball on paying their lunch accounts, my book launch and my CrossFit classes. The CrossFit classes just started and I couldn’t even go to the first one. The devil had me believe this was my out, of not going to the classes at all. But I’m determined to go next week.

After a trip to the ER yesterday, and being treated for dehydration, I realized that you run into some handsome men when you look like hell. Also, when your body needs to rest listen, because like I’ve said in the past you can’t pour from an empty cup. I’m praying God continues to turn things around for me, I need my strength back and my babies need me.



3 thoughts on “Mama’s Down and Syd’s Eating Jello with Chopsticks

  1. So sorry! I hope you feel much better this week. Sending some sunshine and prayers your way. A good mate will find you and i want to know that you are a super cool mom and your kids understand and know that too! All the best darl

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