Holy Water and Hanukkah Pajamas

Yesterday was a better day for me, and my strength is coming back. I took advantage of resting and the kids reminded me that we missed family meeting this week. I decided to have a quick meeting with them and actually let them run the meeting this time. Syd read her social story to prepare her for no school on Monday and Tuesday. We also talked about the upcoming elections.

Syd loves to make lists, so if you are ever hanging out with her keep that in mind. We started a list of things we needed for the week and I told them to make their Christmas list.

Sydney wrote down that we need holy water and Hanukkah pajamas for this week. She showed me Hanukkah pajamas she found on a website. We have our family tradition of wearing matching Christmas pajamas. I told Syd I didn’t feel comfortable wearing Hanukkah pajamas since we aren’t Jewish. She replied, “What about dreidel?” Syd learned a lot about the Jewish culture when we lived in Michigan and she remembers everything.

Our family meetings always involve laughter, tears and lots of praying. The fact that our family meetings are something that Harrison and Sydney look forward to means so much to me. I love the fact that she knew we needed more holy water because I was running out from sprinkling them on their way out of the door for school each day.

Wishing you all a healthy and wonderful week ahead. Don’t forget your Holy Water.



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