From The Couch to CrossFit

I think it’s a cult, it has to be. Why else would you want to go back and experience that kind of pain, and torture with a group of people you just met. Cult might have been the wrong word to use but it got your attention. CrossFit is a community and I’m glad I get to experience it for free for 30 days.

Tuesday, I left Harrison and Syd alone to go to my first class. I wasn’t completely at ease with leaving them alone but I was tired of excuses of why I’m not going to the class. I wrapped my hair and wore my satin scarf, then I walked into the gym for my first class. I wasn’t fat shamed and I didn’t care if I sweat my hair out. I didn’t care if I couldn’t keep up, I was trying not to die.

The instructor and others in the class were nice and I felt welcomed. All I wanted to do was flip some tires and hit those ropes on the floor. It must have been the gangsta boogie playing that had me hyped.

I was determined to make it through the hour class. We started out on the rowing machine I took it slow and did fine. Squats were next and the instructor took it to a whole new level of how low can you go?

When she said I had to squat holding a weighted bar on my neck, I had to call on Black Jesus. The fact that I kept up and didn’t pass out was a huge victory for me. I even did a squat holding a ball and then I tossed the ball at a target. Watch out now, that takes skill.

There are some other exercises that traumatized me and I can’t remember them all. The kettle bell almost killed me and all I did was pick it up. I almost lost it when the instructor told me to jump on a box and I admit I was thinking to myself. “This bitch is crazy!” This was the one task I needed modified to complete.

I was out of my comfort zone and I didn’t worry about what others were doing or what they looked like. I was challenging myself in a way that I haven’t done in quite some time. I’d love to go back three times a week until my free month is over.

If you have the opportunity to try something new, go for it. If you are trying CrossFit have the icy hot patches and ibuprofen ready. One last tip, don’t sit on the carpet with your students after the first day of CrossFit, because they will have to make a human chain to help you up.

Be Badass, Do You!



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